Everlast Gaming staff requirements

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Everlast Gaming staff requirements

Post by Koots on Sat Jun 25, 2016 5:45 pm

Everlast Gaming:
staffing requirements

Your staffing application will NOT be accepted if you do not meet these minimum requirements for a staffing position on Everlast Gaming.


  • 20 posts on the forums
  • 1 and a half days ULX time on the server
  • Under 10 warnings
  • Be known by staff/members of the community
  • Must be familiar with the server rules
  • You must have a positive reputation on the server


  • 50 posts on the forums
  • 1 week ULX time on the server

If you’re looking to take the next step from Administrator you need to be recommended by a high ranking staff member to sit an interviewing process with Koots.

So how do I write my application? Your application can make or break your chances of being accepted as a staffing member, so it is vital that you put as much time and effort into your writing as possible. When constructing your answers ensure that you’re writing 3+ lines for each credible question. Ensure that you are following your respected ranks template found here and here. It is also beneficial to make your template unique by adding colours and changing the fonts.  If you require assistance writing your application feel free to contact a staff member either via the forums, teamspeak or in-game.

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