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Everlast Gaming Moderator template

Post by Koots on Sat Jun 25, 2016 5:43 pm

Everlast Gaming:
Moderator application template

General questions:

What is your real name:
How old are you:
What time zone do you live in:
Steam name:
Steam link:
Do you have a microphone:
How confident are you in using ULX:
What is your previous staffing experience:
How long have you been apart of the community:
Have you been punished on the server:
What can you offer us as a Moderator:
What makes you a better applicant than others:
What times are you available:
ULX time:
Garry's Mod time:

In game scenarios:

A player has just broken NLR, what do you do:

In what order would you approach these four issues:
1. Someone has just broken NLR and three people are complaining in chat.
2.Someone has just threatened to crash the server.
3.Someone is prop blocking another players base.
4.A player has just Rdmed 2 people.

A new player has joined the server, what do you do to help them:

Do you accept the following Terms:
“As a staff member you’re representing the Everlast Gaming community, this means that you will have a positive manner in-game and on other servers. You will treat everyone equally and follow the server rules. You will respond to all staff calls as soon as possible, as well as being active on the community teamspeak and forums. You will do the best of your ability to solve issues with players in-game and out and prioritise the state of the server over role-play.”

Once your application has received 5+ comments you will sit an interview with Koots on the community Teamspeak.

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