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Suggestion template

Post by Koots on Sat Jun 25, 2016 4:51 pm

Job Suggestion Template:

Job Name:
Player Model: (Find default playermodels @
Weapons: (this includes stun stick, unarrest baton, etc.):
Max slots:
Vote: (Should you be required to vote to become this job):
Spawn with License: (Should they spawn with a gun license, yes or no? and if yes, why?)
Job Description: (What this jobs does and how it could fit into roleplay):
Job Color: (Opinional):

Please remove brackets when filling out this template

Addon Suggest Template:

Addon Name:
Workshop/Scriptfodder Link: (If it's from a different site still put the link in):
How could this benefit the server?:
File Size: (What is the addon size, put it in KB, MB, etc.):
Why do you want this addon in the server?: (Please explain why you want this addon):

Please remove brackets when filling out this template

Credit: Deod

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