What happened with Tigress Gaming?

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What happened with Tigress Gaming?

Post by Koots on Sat Jun 25, 2016 4:50 pm

What happened to Tigress Gaming?

On the night of the 24/6/2016 we undertook an attack by the founders of the server Havora and Paperlacks. The issues arrised within the team speak where they where abusing their powers and setting their ranks to Owner, we prevented this from happening by banning them. 

They somehow where unbanned, once unbanned they removed Polki's and I's ranks on the team speak and proceeded to delete every channel. Once doing this they used back doors they had previously installed into our server files. They then removed access our access from the server forums and destroyed the forums. Upon destroying the forums they removed us from the steam group and destroyed that as well.

What does this mean for the server?

Due to this we have had to close down Tigress Gaming, we're currently working on our new community 'Everlast Gaming' where we hope to have a strong and clean community. The server will be close to how it was before with the exception to a couple addons. The server will hopefully be up by the end of next week. We're working as fast as possible, ensuring a smooth experience.

What will happen to the server donators?

Everyone who still has an active donation will receive their rank in-game with added time onto their rank due to this inconvenience. We will be adding 1 month extra time onto their ranks. If you're messing your rank permissions/titles please message me on steam or via the forums.

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