Everlast Gaming Sever Rules

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Everlast Gaming Sever Rules

Post by Koots on Sat Jun 25, 2016 4:33 pm

General rules
1.) Do not expect an admin to take any action for any situation without substantial proof! (Witnesses do not count as proof)
2.) Do not disrespect, harass or threaten players or staff (Disrespect in a role play manner is allowed only if everyone is playing along with it)
3.) Do not spam chat, microphone, or radios! This includes using a voice changer.
4.) Do not be a smart ass/troll. Zero-tolerance for trolling/smart asses.
5.) English only.
6.) If you wish to suggest or report someone, use the forums to your advantage NOT OOC chat.
7.) Do not argue with an admin.
8.) Do not advertise other servers.
9.) Do not tell an admin how to do their job.
10.) Do not impersonate an admin or any player.
11.) Do not hack/exploit.
12.) Do not spray nude/pornographic/disgusting/nasty sprays or anything similar deemed as inappropriate by a staff member.
13.) Do not evade ban, kick, mute, gag, warns or jail time.
14.) Do not mislead players with incorrect rules.
15.) Do not request an admins assistance in unnecessary situations; only rule breaking.
16.) Do not encourage/antagonise rule breaking.
17.) Do not use 'OOC' or '/advert' to contact admins.
18.) Do not apply other server rules to this server!
19.) Do not ask to become a member of staff.
20.) NO discrimination towards any specific group unless role-played this includes Race, Religion, Age, Disability or Sex
21.) Do not abuse the sit anywhere addon.
22.) Do not interfere with an admin situation.
23.) Do not disconnect or change job during/after raid to force raidables to despawn. (eg Changing job from Gun dealer after raid to despawn shipments or disconnecting from the server to remove then re-buy printers)
24.) Do not post on inactive posts older than 2 weeks, if you're post boosting your account will be suspended.
25.) Releasing any personal information about players will result in a permanent ban.
Raiding rules
1.) You cannot raid the same base with a period of 10 minutes.
2.) You DO NOT need to advertise raids and muggings.
3.) You cannot use props to benefit yourself whilst in a raid.
4.) You can not use cameras or exploit your character to see inside of bases.
5.) You cannot mug for more than $5000
6.) Killing on site during raid. - You may only kill if you encounter resistance from the people you are raiding. If they stick their hands up or run away you must not kill them. If they shoot or pull out a gun, or attempt to lock you in with a fading door, or even disobey what you tell them to do, then you can shoot them.
7.) You cannot mug in public places.
8.) NLR lasts for 5 minutes, this means you cannot go back to the location you were killed out for the entirety for the NLR time period. You also forget who killed you and why.
Building rules
1.)You cannot build in spawn.
2.) If you’re building on a roof you must have a realistic way of getting to that roof.
3.) You cannot prop spam/prop fly/prop block or prop push.
4.) You cannot build on public roads unless you’re a hobo or have received permission via a server administrator.
5.) Your keypads MUST be activated for at least 5 seconds.
6.) All keypads are to be located close to the fading door.
7.) You cannot build in unowned properties.
8.) Fading door abuse is not allowed.
9.) You cannot place props in another person's base without their permission.
10.) You cannot build inappropriate signs or structures.
11.) You cannot build a base which requires a player to crouch through a tunnel.
12.) Pure black props are not allowed.
13.) Hobos can not own doors.
14.) You cannot have more than 3 fading doors in a row.
15.) Your base MUST be equal, this means you cannot build a base where you can see the raider but they cannot see you. Both the raider and the defender must be able to shoot each other on an equal basis.
16) You cannot have invisible props.
17.) You cannot use buttons to activate fading doors. For example you cannot use a button to open and close a prop to shoot through.
Job specific rules
1.) Citizens cannot own 2 handed weapons.
2.) You cannot raid or mug as a citizen.

Law enforcement:
1.) You CANNOT become a corrupt cop.
2.) You MUST follow the law.
3.) You have to abide by what the Mayor says.
4.) You MUST have a warrant prior to entering a base on suspicion of illicit items.
5.) You cannot raid.
6.) You cannot drop your weapons.

1.) Your laws must be realistic.
2.) You cannot have laws which degrade other jobs/races.
3.) You MUST issue licenses to those who request them.

Thief/Super thief:
1.) You can ONLY work with other thieves.
2.) You CANNOT hire medics or security guards.
3.) You cannot kidnap players.
4.) You can solo raid.

1.) You cannot be a private medic, meaning that you cannot live inside of a player's base and only heal that player.
2.) Your services must be open to every player.
3.) Your heals cannot exceed the costing of $3000

1.) Gang members cannot raid or mug without their leader.
2.) Gang leaders require 2 or more gang members prior to being eligible to raid.
3.) You can kidnap players.
4.) You must have a base.
5.) You can turn players away but you must have a valid reason.
5.) You cannot betray your leader.

1.) All hits must have a valid RP reason behind them.
2.) You cannot raid or mug.
3.) You cannot drop your weapons.

1.) You cannot own doors or buildings.
2.) You can build on the side of the road.
3.) Your role is to beg for money not minge.
4.) If you’re asked to stop whatever you’re doing you must abide.
5.) You cannot own any form of weapon.

Gun Dealer/Special arms dealer:
1.) You cannot self supply, this means you cannot spawn in weapons and then change jobs to benefit yourself.
2.) Your services must be open to everyone.
3.) You MUST have began building a gunstore within the first 10 minutes of being in the job.

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